Teaching Geography Today: Part 1 – Why this blog?

For the past couple of years I have played around with blogging. I love travel and seeing new places (hence the photo from Ethiopia here!) and, ever the Geographer, it often leads me to question and ponder different things. Blogging has been a way to record and share my ponderings. 

Earlier this year I attended a session at a WomenEd conference about getting your voice in education heard and I was challenged to start reflecting more on how I could share my ponderings about teaching and leading in Geography in schools. Some of my past blogs have touched on aspects of this but they have also been a more personal account of my travels and life. This blog is about rising to the challenge and sharing some of my teaching experiences more widely. There will be posts about teaching Geography, my experiences trying to lead in Geography, information about places that might be useful for teaching and anything else that comes to mind that might be useful to a Geography teacher somewhere.

The first official post comes next and is my ponderings following a conversation over the past couple of weeks over whether it is possible to bridge the gap between inspiring the future generation of Geographers and getting the exam results needed to make the senior leadership team happy!

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