2016 is drawing to a close and for me it’s been a year-long incredible adventure. Here’s my #nurture1617 post reflecting on this year and looking forward to the next…


I started 2016 with a new job in a new city where I knew no one.

I’d been working in a job that made me unhappy. I’d reached a point where I cried nearly every day. I wanted out of my job and teaching before I lost me completely. But I also needed money to pay the bills while I worked out what I wanted to do instead so I applied for another teaching job at the end of 2015 in another city and got it. I started in January and, while it’s not been without its challenges, I am now more likely to be crying with laughter every day as I’m back working in a school that means I’m a square peg in a square hole again. I’ve remembered why I love working in education.


This year I’ve completed a university course in Psychology and, while it’s made me realise retraining as an educational psychologist isn’t for me, I enjoyed the academic study again and engaging with academic research.


This year I’ve started writing about education and geography. I’ve had two (very small and unexciting) things printed in Geographical Association publications and I’ve started blogging. I’m really enjoying the process of reflecting and writing and if someone reads and finds them interesting and useful along the way then that’s a bonus.


After renting for a while, I moved into my proper new home in June and I love it! Being closer to family (now only 80 minutes away) has meant I could spend more time with them this year than I think I did in the previous 10 years when I lived in London!


Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.

This year I’ve really focused on what it is that makes me happy and it’s learning about the world. I’m a geography geek and I’m not afraid to admit it. I love traveling and experiencing new places and I know I’m a better teacher and leader when I’m happy.

So for 2017…

#newjob – To continue to play my part in making sure students and staff at school are happy and successful.

#newlearning – To explore research possibilities in geography and education – I thought about doing an EdD after my MA but I couldn’t afford it at the time with London rents. But now…

#newvoice – To continue reading, reflecting and writing about geography and education.

#newhome – To enjoy settling into a new city and being closer to family.

#newphilosophy – Work. Save. Travel. Repeat. Next stop, South Africa at Easter.

Here’s to a fun filled and amazing 2017. Happy New Year everyone.

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