About me

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 18.10.06I am a self confessed Geography Geek. My coffee table is piled with books about Geography. I work to pay to travel to get out and explore the world for myself. And I think everyone should be inspired to think geographically – after all Geography is everywhere!

I started this blog in 2016 to write about my reading, travels and experiences in teaching and leading Geography in schools to share my passion for Geography and Geography Education. Inspiring young people to get out and explore the world for themselves is what Geography is all about. Hopefully what I share, whether it be reflections on a new case study or thoughts on assessment or the future of Geography education, will support others to inspire the next generation of geographers (and get their grades up!).  While my main focus and passion with always be Geography teaching and learning, some posts are generically about teaching and learning (though the examples are likely to still be Geographical) or related to other whole school issues as I blog about what I think, know and do related to my work on a daily basis.

A bit about me

I completed my PGCE at the University of Cambridge in 2005-2006 and went on to teach Geography (and a bit of Sociology, History, RE and ICT along the way) in three London comprehensive schools over 10 and a half years, the latter 3 and a half years as a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  I moved to the West Midlands in December 2015 to be an Assistant Vice Principal in an urban secondary school and became a Specialist Leader of Education specialising in Geography education, leadership coaching and initial teacher education in within their Teaching School Alliance in December 2017 (transferred to SWAN Teaching School Alliance from 2020). In 2018 I received the Ordnance Survey Award for excellence in secondary Geography education at the Royal Geographical Society’s Annual Awards.  In September 2019, I shifted my focus for just over two years and took up a role as Assistant Principal with a pastoral and behaviour remit at a large comprehensive with a rural catchment – definitely a different type of challenge!  As of September 2022, I’m Deputy Head of an all through school in Northamptonshire.

I am a Chartered Geographer (Teacher) and co-Chair of the Geographical Association’s Post-16 and HE Phase Committee. I have written articles about Geography teaching for the RGS website, GA Magazine, Geography Matters and Teaching Geography as well as guest writing for Teachwire and Teach Secondary magazine.  Having completed an MA in Geography Education at UCL Institute of Education in 2011 and a University Certificate in Psychology in 2016, completed the NASENCO in 2022.

Postscript: Mentions, references, retweets and reviews are not endorsements.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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PS: And for all those like me who live with hearing impairments every day: https://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/health/how-one-device-changed-a-teachers-life-after-hiding-her-hearing-loss-for-years-3570616

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  1. Hi I am really interested in the work you have been doing about closing the vocabulary gap. Word power so so important. I am in the process of looking at common and frequent Tier 2 vocab and common prefix/ suffixes so students can start to break down words , for example as you mention in your post about students breaking down the word ‘ biomass’. Before I start on this I wondered what you have done so far. Thanks Becky


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