Other published works…

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Other things I’ve done…

  • Co-led a CPD workshop for 25 at the Geographical Association Annual Conference 2017 on using teaching resources related to Singapore at KS2-5.
  • Co-led a workshop for 12 at the WomenEd National Unconference 4 in 2018 focusing on overcoming the challenges of being a leader in the early stages of your career.
  • Co-led two CPD workshops at the Geographical Association Annual Conference 2019 on the language of development (focusing on developing vocabulary) and a different approach to careers education in Geography.
  • Spoke at TMGeogIcons 2019 on ‘Putting Geography First!’ in a seemingly increasing culture of whole school initiatives – they aren’t the enemy to Geography teaching but should support and enhance it.

Selected blogs published elsewhere prior to starting leading4geography.com in October 2016…

Travel Diary for Singapore and Malaysia in 2016 – first published online on 15 August 2016 Travel Diary – Singapore and Malaysia 2016

The Cameron Highlands: not quite what I expected… – first published online on 7 August 2017 The Cameron Highlands – not quite what I expected…

My jungle adventure – first published online on 4 August 2016 My jungle adventure

Uncomfortable Tourism – first published online on 4 August 2015 Uncomfortable ‘tourism_

Lastly, here is the very first blog I ever wrote – while sat on a really slow train journey from Slovenia to Hungary in 2014 I was encouraged by my travelling companions to write a blog about my experiences travelling round the Balkans. I strongly suspect this was because I had started fidgeting but I took the bait and wrote my first blog post!  Two years later and I started leading4geography.com but this is where it all began – with bathrooms in the Balkans! Travelling through the Balkans