Other published works…

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Other things I’ve done…

  • Co-led a CPD workshop for 25 at the Geographical Association Annual Conference 2017 on using teaching resources related to Singapore at KS2-5. Proposal for a workshop on careers education accepted for 2019 Conference.
  • Co-led a workshop for 12 at the WomenEd National Unconference 4 in 2018 focusing on overcoming the challenges of being a leader in the early stages of your career.

Selected blogs published elsewhere prior to starting leading4geography.com in October 2016…

Travel Diary for Singapore and Malaysia in 2016 – first published online on 15 August 2016 Travel Diary – Singapore and Malaysia 2016

The Cameron Highlands: not quite what I expected… – first published online on 7 August 2017 The Cameron Highlands – not quite what I expected…

My jungle adventure – first published online on 4 August 2016 My jungle adventure

Uncomfortable Tourism – first published online on 4 August 2015 Uncomfortable ‘tourism_

Lastly, here is the very first blog I ever wrote – while sat on a really slow train journey from Slovenia to Hungary in 2014 I was encouraged by my travelling companions to write a blog about my experiences travelling round the Balkans. I strongly suspect this was because I had started fidgeting but I took the bait and wrote my first blog post!  Two years later and I started leading4geography.com but this is where it all began – with bathrooms in the Balkans! Travelling through the Balkans