What I’ve been reading…

Brief synopsis of each of the education books I’ve been reading since I started this blog…I’ll keep adding to the list.

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers: The Michaela Way

With each chapter written by a different teacher at MCS, the book takes you through different aspects of the philosophy of the Michaela Way. Rejecting what they call ‘progressive’ teaching methods, they advocate a no excuses, knowledge driven culture that has divided opinion on Twitter.  I’ve written two blog posts about the book and my reflections – I don’t agree with everything they say but I do think they are asking the right questions, I just might have slightly different answers.

The Elephant in the Staffroom: How to reduce stress and improve teacher wellbeing

The book focuses on key areas to consider to reduce stress and improve teacher wellbeing – a hot topic at the moment. Chris Eyre talks through a teacher’s sense of their identity and how this shapes their experiences – we’re not just teachers and part of wellbeing is to make time for our whole identity. Chris also looks at how to manage energy levels and our relationships with others. There are no quick fixes for reducing stress and improving teacher wellbeing listed, instead the chapters and prompt questions encourage you to reflect on your own wellbeing and work situation to take control yourself.